Keep learning with Family Planning Sector. Collect points on the forum or on the eLearning platform. Those points will make you reach new ranks.

How do I earn badges?

When you finish a course or reach milestones, you're awarded badges.

How do I score more points?

You can score more points by answering quizzes at the end of each course content. Points can also be earned on the forum. Follow this link to the guidelines of the forum.

  • Master
    100,000 points
  • Doctor
    10,000 points
  • Bachelor
    500 points
  • Student
    100 points
  • Newbie
    1 points


Besides gaining reputation with your questions and answers, you receive badges for being especially helpful.
Badges appear on your profile page, and your posts.

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Certification Badges

You can gain badges by passing certifications. Here is a list of all available certification badges.
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