Course content

Participants who complete this course will be able to:

  1. Review anatomy of female genital system.

  2. Review physiology of menstrual cycle.

  3. Provide proper counselling to clients attending the Family Planning clinic and helping them to make free and well informed choice.

  4. Know how to perform a complete general and vaginal examination for clients attending the Family Planning clinic.

  5. Confirm the eligibility of the selected method for contraception using the WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria (MEC).

  6. Explain thoroughly the advantages and expected side effects of any selected contraceptive method.

  7. Follow infection control standards while providing clinical services at the clinic.

  8. Adequately manage side effects resulting from the use of Family Planning methods.

  9. Demonstrate competency in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of genital tract infections


Course content:

  1. Female Anatomy, physiology, and mode of action of Contraceptives.

  2. Contraceptive methods overview.

  3. Medical Eligibility Criteria (MEC).

  4. Clinic Assessment.

  5. Overview of Counseling.

  6. Intrauterine Devices.

  7. Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs).

  8. Combined hormonal  Contraceptives.

  9. Progestin Only contraceptives.
  10. Barrier & Chemical Methods.
  11. Natural Methods of Contraception.

  12. Final Exam.


Copywrite 2021, Ministry of Health and Population, Family Planning Sector

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